How to Use Shadow Work to Heal Our Wounded Self?

All of us have our personal demons within us. We are fighting against them every day—sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. These haunting demons could be present either in full chaos or small instances. And we usually bury or ignore them due to our shame and guilt. We believe that they must be repressed since they shouldn’t occur in our conscious selves. Also, the people around us usually focus on the greater things, such as light and love, but tend to forget the shadow or darkness. Focusing on positive things alone is comfortable and easy to do. No wonder, a lot of us prevent the darker side of us. You probably think that you can’t find your way to “shadows” and become a better person. But, to tell you frankly, you can. The moment you accept what you believe holds you back, you may become a better individual after. Here are some of the ways to conquer the dark part of yourself and to own your life as you are supposed to: 

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Know that things will become better and that you’re worthy 

The moment we feel down, it’s simple to keep on feeling that way. We, human beings, tend to feel sorry for ourselves. However, feeling sorry for ourselves could sometimes hold us back, making it very hard to bounce back to becoming the best versions of ourselves. So, it is best to believe that you’re worthy to have great things and everything will get better. 

Your emotions are valid and pay attention to them 

Emotions are not bad. Our negative emotions aid us to know our fears and wounds, which is why it is the portals into our dark side. The moment you can feel emotion, you need to pause and assess it. Question yourself what are you feeling and why do you feel that way. Look for answers within you. Sometimes, the answer can’t be seen immediately. It needs time to be discovered and you will eventually know it. This step can help you accept what happens to you and recognize yourself, as an emotional being, that you might have a hard time to manage your emotions from time to time. If you try to tame your shadow, then you will be alert to these instances for you to stay with them, and not run from your shadows.  

Determine the shadow 

Our shadows can be found in our subconscious. It is challenging to find them since we bury them there. We have to identify the shadow so that we can do shadow work. Acknowledging your recurrent feelings that you keep on feeling is the initial step. Determining these patterns could help manifest the shadow.  

Explore your shadow 

Psychologist utilizes art therapy as a means of supporting the patients to discover their inner selves. Also, art can be beneficial in manifesting your shadows. You could express and explore your shadows by writing a letter, journaling, meditating and feeling. You can also attempt to write down your dreams so that you could understand your inner self by understanding your dreams. 

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips

It’s very important for every homeowner to learn the proper way of cleaning tile and grout or else their floor may look dingy and become discolored. Tiles have been a popular choice among homeowners because they’re durable, versatile, flexible, and stylish. Tiles are so much easier to clean than any other type of flooring. Most of the time, you only need a mop and a broom to get things done.  


However, cleaning grout can be quite a challenge. Grout is porous and they are notorious for harboring mold and mildew if installed in high moisture areas, like the bathroom. If you want to know the proper ways of cleaning grout, here are some tips to follow: 

  1. Remove stains immediately. 

Floors get stained all the time, mostly from the food and drinks that were spilled on it. Wipe and clean all spillage immediately and treat the stain right away. It’s always easier to remove the stain while it’s fresh. The longer it stays on the grout, the more difficult it is to remove it. Mixing equal parts of scouring powder and water will usually do the trick.  

  1. Remove mold and mildew.

If you have tiles installed in your bathroom, always inspect for mold and mildew in the grout. The best way to prevent them is to keep your bathroom dry. Run the exhaust fan after every shower so excess water dries up faster. If you see mold or mildew forming, remove them right away using ammonia and water. Use extra precautions when handling such chemical. Use rubber gloves and some protection for your eyes.  

  1. Erase grout stains

If you see any stain in the grout that you haven’t noticed before and it’s impossible to remove using a cleaning solution, try the rubber eraser technique. Simply get a rubber eraser to rub it off. The one on the other end of the pencil works best.  

  1. Treat the grout. 

Nothing looks best than grout that’s clean and bright. Baking soda and water are the best natural cleaning solutions for grout issues. Simply use a toothbrush to scrub the grout with the resulting paste solution. While this may take a whole lot of your time, the results are going to be worth it.  

  1. Hire professionals to regularly maintain grout. 

tile cleaning georgetown is best delegated to the professionals. All the tips listed here should be performed by homeowners as things happen. However, regular cleaning is for professionals. Over time, grime and dirt will build up on the grout, and no matter what cleaning solution you use, it’s impossible to restore your tiled floor to its old glory.  

Here is where the professionals come in. With their industry-grade tools and equipment, they can clean your grout to a point that they look new again. They will also apply a sealant over them so they won’t get soiled for another year or so. That’s the type of cleaning that only the professionals can assure you with. While their services may cost some, it’s going to be worth the investment.